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November 11, 2010


Ayana Posadas

Wow, you're awesome! Thanks so much for taking the time to write up this information. :)

Beth R.

I can't thank you enough for this info.
I only wish I knew this BEFORE I bought 48 random markers that have no "friends". At the time I was buying Copics that were matches for SU colors. So all singles, no shading.
I also made a HUGE mistake when I bought the "original" and not the sketch markers. So now I have 48markers with a broad tip and a hard pointed tip like a real hard pen. The last 4 markers I have bought the sketch and love the way they feel.
You are a wealth of info and I'm sure we could keep you busy more than full time with all of our requests.
I learn something everyday here. Thanks for all the effort you put into your blog. I for one sincerely appreciate it.

Elaine Allen

Hi Nichol -

Thank you for taking the time to post this information for us. I've been thinking for a while about purchasing a few Copic Markers, but I was stumped about how to go about it. You have just made things much clearer for me.


Elaine Allen

Lyndal Chapman

Thank you for this post! I read your blog on a daily basis just to recieve more education on the copic markers. You are the best I have found in this area! I am taking the certification class on the 21st here in Tampa Florida. I can't wait!


This is a really great post!! I haven't been able to afford Copics yet, but when I can, I am using this as a guide to what colors to buy. Many thanks and love your blog!!


Thanks for the heads up on how to buy!!!!!!!! I have put off Copics because of the cost--but this really makes sense to me.

Eveline van Heijst

I have only one copic and that was in a goodie bag when I went to a stamp fair earlier this year. And when I'm coloring anything at all my daughter tells me to go back to preschool! But I like your advice. And I enjoy watching you coloring your stamped images.


This came very handy for me today. I just came from a (huge) new store we have down here, the only one in Miami right now and he has them for $4.87 but he gave them to me for $4!!!!! so I bought a whole bunch and all these you are mentioning are part of the ones I got. So excited!!!!
Hugs :)


Awesome! Thank you!

Heather I

I SOOOOOOOOO sppreciate this post. I love Copics (have about 15 in my collection at this point - my LSS JUST started carrying them) but they can be pricey and I dont have that much knowledge about how to pick & choose. I've made approx 2 choices I was not thrilled with(color wise), but have been trying to be smarter about it since. Also, thanks a BUNCH for the color chart!! This is a fabulous tool & I cant wait to go fill mine in & then keep it in my car for future purchases ;). I also really appreciate the info on getting them online for a little cheaper - I wouldn't have DREAMED of buying them online because I thought I'd have to physically look at the colors, but I think the color chart will help. Your awesome - thanks again!!


Thanks for the awesome post! I currently own four Copics -- well, three pink ones + the colorless blender (which I'm not sure I needed right away and am not quite sure how to use). I bought them on sale at Hobby Lobby (my local one just opened this year) but all their subsequent art marker sales have been marked "excludes Copics" -- drat!!!!!

Kimberli Sarsfield

Thank you so much for this info, Nichol! Thanks to you and your amazing coloring with copics, I'm now addicted and slowly buying the markers up. I love the holders you used so you can see them all at eye level. Thanks for sharing your fantastic abilities with us:)


Thanks so much for sharing Nichol. I am super excited to be doing a copic certification class next weekend with Mandy-Lee Klinger in Melbourne(Aust), can't wait, so going to be worth the 5 hour drive to get there.

Susan Disharoon

Thnak you for sharing your method of choosing Copic markers. It is hard not to want 100 or so of them right away! I found an online store Carpe Diem http://www.carpediemstore.com/mlistCategoriesAndProducts.asp?midCategory=330 that sells Copic Sketch Markers for $3.95 each. There shipping is reasonable but it is free if you spend $100. Thanks again.

Billie A

Thank you so much for the time and trouble putting this info out there. I am new to Copics and have been buying them monthly for last few months and this helps. I've purchased quite a few and notice some colors look same so I like the idea of threes or fours. I will have to see the chart and figure those inbetween. Again thanks and love your blog


Thanks for the info. I received a Crafters Companion email, they sell great stamps of a little bear called popcorn. Anyway, I was looking for a bottle of the Copic colorless blender -- they have it for $11.95 and free shipping regardless of order size until the end of November. I have a smattering of markers and agree with you regarding color family friends. I also learned a less of buying really dark or saturated colors -- buy 'em if you really love them, but know that you can build up color to get similar results. Lastly, I have the orignals, sketch and caio. I like the originals and while the brush is nice, I like the original nibs. I think you can buy replacement nibs too if you want to swap out but I haven't tried it yet. These markers are an investment for sure. Love your videos and your work is wonderful. Keep up the Silhouette videos.


Thnak you for sharing. i find this information very enlightening for me. i never thought about how to.... and usually buy randomly what i like at the moment. choosing your way is much effective


great share! thank you for the helpful info ... and of course all the fun videos using copics and other fabulous projects! :)

Kathy Martin

Thanks for the info! I really like that you took the time to share your favorite color sets!

Linda Trace

seriously...you're THE BEST...so inspirational and talented, then you go and give all that info and post all those pics...(that must have taken some time too!).

THE BEST!!! do you hear me?! THE BEST!! :)

thanks Nichol :) xx

Mendi Yoshikawa

What a wonderful post! My favorite place to buy the Copic markers is Carpediemstore.com. They are $3.95 everyday and right now they are running a free shipping special on the (only sketch) markers on orders of $50 or more. From my experience they're really good at keeping every color in stock too which is a huge bonus! :)

Jessica S.

Thanks for the info. I'm just getting started with Copics and this info is just what I needed. Thank you so much.

Melissa H

I was just thinking I needed to order some additional colors for my collection when I saw this post. I also buy my markers from Carpediemstore.com. As mentioned by other commenters they are offering Copic sketch markers for $3.95 each with free shipping for orders of $50 or more. Thanks to your post I was able to easily pinpoint the markers I needed and get them ordered and on the way. Thanks for the timely help Nichol! :o)


Great post! I have one and only one. I have Tombow brush markers which I love but the one copic I have outdoes those. I am waiting for after Christmas though to purchase some of these.


THANK YOU SO MUCH for this one Nichol!! I've been stalking and waiting for this article. Might have to take the plunge and get a few. My lss sells them for WAY too much (like 7.00 a marker). It's good to see that you can get them for 4.99. So excited about that!!! Thank you again. You rock girl.

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